Full Face Liners Type II (Fisher Paykel, Hans Rudolph)

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Fits masks from these manufacturers:

Fisher Paykel

Hans Rudolph

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Box of 30 liners and 2 forehead liners

2 Reviews

Aug 18th 2017

Mask liners

Take it from an Internal Medicine physician (retired now; but what I used to tell my patients) using liners for a full face mask x 8 years: 1): acts like a gasket to prevent leaks: every interface needs a gasket (think plumbing, car engine...); every fitting has a gasket. Gaskets prevent leaks. Same thing with the mask. 2. Slumber: when winding down to go to sleep, nothing wakes one up quicker than putting cold plastic/rubber on one's face and "suddenly, I"m awake". Startled. The liner is like having a high-thread-count pillow case on the mask making it warm and comfy; just like first laying down your head swaddled into a comfy pillow. Love them.

Jun 15th 2017

full face liners Type II

A wonderful accessory to the full face mask. Three cheers to the inventor! Virtually eliminates leaks between the mask and ones face, and increases comfort in wearing the mask. I 've been using the liners for a couple of years, and have found no downsides. They're simple and very effective.

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