Full Face Liners Type II (Fisher Paykel, Hans Rudolph)

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Fits masks from these manufacturers:

Fisher Paykel

Hans Rudolph

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What's Included?:
Box of 30 liners and 2 forehead liners

3 Reviews

Nov 3rd 2017

Love them but need more forehead liners

First, let me say that I would never be able to be compliant with my CPAP without these liners--I love them and am very thankful for this product. The only thing is, I would love for there to be more forehead sheets in the box, my forehead gets very greasy overnight (even with a good skin regiment), so I find myself reusing them long past when I should be or going nights without. But hey, most folks probably don't share the same problem as me.

Aug 18th 2017

Mask liners

Take it from an Internal Medicine physician (retired now; but what I used to tell my patients) using liners for a full face mask x 8 years: 1): acts like a gasket to prevent leaks: every interface needs a gasket (think plumbing, car engine...); every fitting has a gasket. Gaskets prevent leaks. Same thing with the mask. 2. Slumber: when winding down to go to sleep, nothing wakes one up quicker than putting cold plastic/rubber on one's face and "suddenly, I"m awake". Startled. The liner is like having a high-thread-count pillow case on the mask making it warm and comfy; just like first laying down your head swaddled into a comfy pillow. Love them.

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